Web UI
In 3 months you will learn how to write tests easily, build stable locators, effectively expand coverage, write high-quality code by following the best development practices and the PageObject pattern
test automation
With Selenide + Java
Who may benefit?
  • Beginners in Test Automation
    Engineers immediately lay the foundation of beneficial principles, tricks, and approaches in writing tests and code. Learn in practice - when to conduct refactoring and why, instead of mindlessly memorizing templates.
  • Manual Test Engineers
    Will learn how to start building automated testing of web applications and expand automated coverage correctly. They will understand what is worth automating and what is not.
  • Test Automation Engineers (Mid-to-Sr level)
    Will be able to structure knowledge and patch holes according to best practices and principles, clean their knowledge base from existing not the most effective habits;)
  • Starters in IT
    Will be able to practice in performing real testing and test automation tasks, test their strength to determine how to develop their skills further.
Howto articles. Tasks. Individual feedbacks.
Video-reviews of common mistakes.
Support in chat. FAQ
  • Basic theory
    Start with basic "theory" in the format of article available in your personal account.
  • Practice in real cases
    Try to solve with no help, simulating the real case while building test automation on a project.
  • Practical knowledge through Code Review
    On the first version of the solution, get individual feedback for further improvement.
  • ... till ideal solution
    Elaborating and improving the solution, go through a series of recorded video-reviews of common mistakes, until a result achieved that meets the best principles and practices for writing tests. According to the final version of the solution, get another individual feedback.
What's in Pandora's box?
  • There will be nothing in the course...
    that you can quickly google and get a ready-made recipe from StackOverflow or a detailed video guide on youtube, or chat response, for example – how to configure a grid, how to create a remote driver, how to configure parallel execution, how to setup Allure reporting, how to read parameters from the environment, how to create a "job" on Jenkins and so on.

    There will also be nothing on the basics of Java and setting up the environment. Fortunately, there are enough materials on the Internet.
  • But there will be a lot of nerdiness on...
    refactoring, self-documented code, DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles, OOP nuances, stable locators, PageObjects, and most important – what to test, how and when, how to efficiently extend coverage with tests, that are easy to write and maintain.
– Course topics
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October 17th
Whole course, 3 months
65 usd
1745 uah
After completing the course, access to its materials remains
Frequently asked
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Course Curators –
Iakiv Kramarenko
Author of the course
QA-Consultant with 12+ years of experience in the field.

"Founding father" of open-source libraries
Selene, nSelene, SelenideJs

Writes books
‣ Intro to Software Development (en, рус, укр)
Искусство Автоматизации с Selene
Искусство Автоматизации с Selenide

Gives public talks on conferences and meetups.
Shares news on twitter :)
  • Olena Kushnir
    Course curator
    3+ years of experience in the field. Developer of SelenideJs. Builds processes of Testing and QA Automation at KnowledgeExpert for enterprise clients. Coach devs to write tests;)

    Verifies task solutions on this course, supports in chat.
  • Vlad Burlachenko
    Course curator
    Software Tester. Builds QA process on a crypto-currency exchange. On autumn 2019 passed same program for Selenide + Kotlin.

    "Older brother" on this course. Verifies task solutions and supports in chat.
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