Find here instructions on where and how to start writing autotests. Master a profession, add a new skill or improve the ones you have. Easily and efficiently automate routine and ensure quality by selecting the right practices in a context

How to autotest
fast in a simple, easy
and efficient way

Learning Roadmap
from 0 to PRO

will help you to choose and build your own path in the world of Test Automation and SDET

How to study the map with us?

To learn according to the Roadmap with us you can pass selection by filling out a questionnaire and taking a test.

Our features


Pure knowledge is no longer worth anything. Everything is already in stock and easily accessible. But are we able to master this knowledge and acquire the appropriate practical skills to use them under any circumstances... And therefore our choice is intensive, maximum independent practice with individual mentoring, so that students build their own neural networks, and do not receive templates of a limited context of application.


Instead of focusing on patterns and tools, we first learn the key principles of programming and refactoring, which allows us to quickly switch between any programming languages or tools. And in order to make it even easier to master new languages when necessary, we provide most of the materials immediately in a multi-language format (Python/Java/C#/JS/TS).
Our format
Tasks 🚩 + FAQ 🧠
Recommendations where to google 👣
Support from tough but wise community 🐻🦊🦧
Individual code reviews from practicing SDET 🥷🏿
  • Basic theory
    Get familiar with recommended "theory", take recommended free basic courses with the support in a closed community.
  • Practice in real cases
    Try to solve with no help, simulating the real case while building test automation on a project.
  • Questions ...
    address to google or course FAQ. In case of failure, if the question isn't beyond the course program – getting hints in the course chat or from one of the curators.
  • Practical knowledge through Code Review...
    After completing the task get individual feedback for further improvement.
  • ... till ideal solution
    Elaborating and improving the solution, go through a series of recorded video-reviews of common mistakes, until a result achieved that meets the best principles and practices for writing tests. Get another individual feedback to the final version of the solution.
Iakiv Kramarenko
Author of the program
QA-Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the field.

"Founding father" of open-source libraries
Selene, nSelene, SelenideJs

Writes books
‣ Intro to Software Development (en, рус, укр)
Искусство Автоматизации с Selene
Искусство Автоматизации с Selenide

Gives public talks on conferences and meetups.
Has a channel on youtube. And another one in Ukrainian.
Plus a telegram.
Writes about education.
Shares news on facebook :)
Proud of his students.
Contact us –
+380 63 845 95 26
[email protected]
Individual Entrepreneur
Kramarenko Iakiv Petrovych
Komunistychna Street 21,
Zayachkivka, Ukraine
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