Iakiv Kramarenko
Author of the course
QA-Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the field.

"Founding father" of open-source libraries
Selene, nSelene, SelenideJs

Writes books
‣ Intro to Software Development (en, рус, укр)
Искусство Автоматизации с Selene
Искусство Автоматизации с Selenide

Gives public talks on conferences and meetups.
Has a channel on youtube. І another one in Ukrainian.
Plus a telegram.
Writes about education.
Shares news on facebook :)
Proud of his students.
  • Vlad Burlachenko
    Course curator
    SDET-engineer. Built a testing process for cryptocurrency exchange. Automates testing of blockchain startup. Completed the similar program on Selenide + Kotlin in the autumn of 2019.

    "Big brother" of the course. Checks assignments and supports in chat.
  • Rina Tenytska
    Course curator
    Iakiv Kramarenko's "right hand" in Automician. Replaces him for SDET-tasks.

    "Big sister" of the course. Checks assignments and supports in chat.
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