Solving practical problems and getting reviews from the best practicing engineers, learn how to write tests easily, build stable locators, effectively expand coverage, write high-quality code in accordance with the best development practices and the PageObject pattern.
Java | C# | Python | JS | TS
test automation
in Web UI
Tasks 🚩 + FAQ 🧠
Recommendations where to 👣.
Support from tough but wise community 🐻🦊🦧
Individual code reviews from practicing SDET 🥷🏿.
  • Basic theory
    Get familiar with recommended "theory", take recommended free basic courses with the support in a closed community.
  • Practice in real cases
    Try to solve with no help, simulating the real case while building test automation on a project.
  • Questions ...
    address to google or course FAQ. In case of failure, if the question isn't beyond the course program – getting hints in the course chat or from one of the curators.
  • Practical knowledge through Code Review...
    After completing the task get individual feedback for further improvement.
  • ... till ideal solution
    Elaborating and improving the solution, go through a series of recorded video-reviews of common mistakes, until a result achieved that meets the best principles and practices for writing tests. Get another individual feedback to the final version of the solution.
What's in Pandora's box?
At the moment workshop tasks are limited to the context of local development of high level system Web UI tests using one of the packs of your choosing:

Java + Selenide + Junit,
Python + Selene + Pytest,
C# + NSelene + NUnit,
JavaScript/TypeScript + SelenideJs/Cypress-Selene
  • There will be nothing in the course...
    that you can quickly google and get a ready-made recipe from StackOverflow or a detailed video guide on youtube, or chat response, for example – how to configure a grid, how to create a remote driver, how to configure parallel execution, how to setup Allure reporting, how to read parameters from the environment, how to create a "job" on Jenkins and so on. Even for basics of programming we recommend already existing free courses and online workshops on different platforms.

    Here we learn "the hard way". We don't receive ready recipes on a plate, we get a route of getting the most useful experience to become a real SDET in a span of months instead of years.
  • But there will be a lot of nerdiness on...
    refactoring, self-documented code, DRY, KISS and YAGNI principles, OOP nuances, stable locators, PageObjects, and most important – what to test, how and when, how to efficiently extend coverage with tests, that are easy to write and maintain.

    Plus, in the long run – to do this in more than one language. The course built in the way where after completing it in one programming language you can quickly switch to another from the list: Java, C#, Python, JS, TS.
How to prepare?
– Course topics
Have questions?
embark on a path to SDET
Choose a suitable rate
depending on the training format and program
materials, 2 code review per task, 6 months, ...
+ programming language of your choosing: JS/TS, Python, Java, C#

+ 4 tasks on the basics of automation user's steps on Web UI and refactoring of basic utilities
+ 10 tasks on building automation from scratch on a project from planning and releasing first tests to full coverage UI on system level using PageObject and it's varieties to build an application model
+ 1 task on building your own Selenide-like framework/library around low-level Selenium Webdriver (if you choose JS or TS as your learning language – you can choose between Selenium Webdriver, webdriverio, or Playwright)
+ extra tasks if needed (at the discretion of mentor or the course's author)

+ individual tips from mentors and two code-review* on each task
+ analysis of current career status and goals with mentor

+ start any time (except C# direction - arrange the beginning in private)
+ 6 months to finish the course program
+ access on request to materials of the same program in different languages on this website (Java/Python/Js/Ts/C#)

* code-review is a mentor's feedback in one of the format, convenient to mentor video or audio recording up to 10 minutes or series of text messages with comments on code..

$875 / 35,875

personal career development
Interested in becoming a part of the team or, at least, building your skills and a career with us?

Then BASE format rules are amended and elaborated to:

* admission by interview
* cashback up to 100% according to the results of the interview and additional testing**

* individual amount of code-review on each task
* up to 10 hours of individual lessons
* start at any time agreed with the course author
* individually agreed study duration according to extended course program.

+ level assessment and career development plan
+ employment preparation
+ constant support after employment through the course author company – Automician

** Testing may include taking tests, additional practice tasks and free courses on public platforms. We also take into account the social status of applicants and provide an opportunity to enroll free of charge for unemployed, parents with many children victims of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine etc. Message me to discuss the details.
0$ – $4500 / 184,500

1 hour of the course author private consultation service on topics of automation and SDET...
* within the course program,
* related to course materials and tasks or other materials and projects you are interested in.

Before buying contact the author and clarify details. The indicated price may change according to the topic difficulty, your level of training, how interesting the case is, etc.

You can also join in groups up to 3 people and divide payment.
$125 / 5,125

6 minutes of the course author private consultation service on topics of automation and SDET...
* Same as PRIVATE, for more convenient payment for the time not a multiple of one hour ;)
$12,5 / 512.5
All prices are tied to the exchange rate USDT/UAH at including commission fee around 3-5% considering the current situation with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Frequently Asked Questions –
Course Curators –
Iakiv Kramarenko
Author of the course
QA-Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the field.

"Founding father" of open-source libraries
Selene, nSelene, SelenideJs

Writes books
‣ Intro to Software Development (en, рус, укр)
Искусство Автоматизации с Selene
Искусство Автоматизации с Selenide

Gives public talks on conferences and meetups.
Has a channel on youtube. І another one in Ukrainian.
Plus a telegram.
Writes about education.
Shares news on facebook :)
Proud of his students.
  • Vlad Burlachenko
    Course curator
    SDET-engineer. Built a testing process for cryptocurrency exchange. Automates testing of blockchain startup. Completed the similar program on Selenide + Kotlin in the autumn of 2019.

    "Big brother" of the course. Checks assignments and supports in chat.
  • Rina Tenytska
    Course curator
    Iakiv Kramarenko's "right hand" in Automician. Replaces him for SDET-tasks.

    "Big sister" of the course. Checks assignments and supports in chat.
Contact us –
+380 63 845 95 26
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